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We have deep knowledge in both Front- and Backoffice solutions

Deep Knowledge
financial focus
proven-in-battle architecture

We are passionate about being at the forefront as the next generation FinTech solution provider no matter the domain. With the solution portfolio of today and tomorrow we are setting course on growing the business as the need for seamless integration and decision support is driven by accelerated digitalization on all sides of the financial market increases among our institutional customers and for all investors regardless of size.

For more than 25 years we have been operating in the financial markets creating and delivering solutions for the professional side; banks, stockbrokers and insurance companies enhancing their ability to support their customers wealth creation.

The dimension we now add is to offer all through our mass market offering an equal opportunity in understanding of their own financial situation and to optimize in the extent that is desired, wealth creation.

The solutions cover a suite for online trading, portfolio analysis, portfolio allocation, portfolio simulation and output data management that are in production within various customers within the financial community.

  • All our solutions have a user friendly interface and are device independent
  • We have solutions for the average Joe and the financial market
  • Scalable architecture without without limitations in the number of users, markets or countries
  • We strive to maximise user satisfaction through support and constant evolution of functionality
  • Our present architecture has been in use since 2013 and is based on 25 years experience in FinTech

A partner in your corner

We focus on your wealth creation and long-term profits.
– Your success is our success

About us

Why Soft?

Financial services and wealth management and is more accessible than ever with a new competitive situation. At the same time, it is also more complex with increasingly tight regulations, new customer behaviors and large technology shifts. For those who can handle the challenges, there are endless possibilities – and that’s exactly where Soft Application gives you the power it takes. This dynamic landscape is our world, a world we are happy to share with you without the limitations of throwing out your already made investments.

We are all about you and the functionality you need, while expanding and customizing your business as your needs shift meeting your customer’s demands.

We are passionate about being a next generation FinTech solution provider no matter the domain focusing on you and your customers wealth creation and long-term profits. – Your success is our success.

About Us


We act in the space without the limitation of being a dedicated back office or front office solution provider. We can capture data and present it from multiple sources using our own reference applications and web GUI, or by using your own/third party ones. We do not create data storages, we use API´s and rest API´s focusing on the data transactions in the systems we integrate towards. We do not want any redundant data to the extent possible.

We also offer improved functionality and user support with the use of artificial intelligence in the true sense of the definition so the end customers (or you) can improve the opportunity to improve their yield or the scope of investments that could improve the yield.

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