OTC Trading

Online trading in Instruments and Mutual Funds in an market


View detailed information about an instrument with order depth, last closes, closing date, and broker code for completed trades. Other examples of features such as: possibility to see/list a broker’s entire order book and general order management.


The solution includes automatic matching capabilities and manual matching possibility. It is possible to manually register trades outside the order book/order posting. Limit management optional loop is available before the finalization of the actual trade.


Follow-up, statistics and reporting examples, Business volumes for one or all brokers for any time period. Turnover in one or more instruments for any time period with sorting possibilities e.g. highest to lowest, 10 most traded, commission income per broker for the selected time period, PDF generator for the settlement advice and other documents that is needed.

OTC trading

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Our trading offering is a full end2end trading system with market integrations, live price feeds and limit handling. Supports full integration with your existing trading infrastructure through API:s.


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OTC Trading

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