Output Management

Output Management at a click!

A cloud solution

No need for installations, SoftPrinter is just a click away.

Use SoftPrinter every day, on occasions, for your large data output, for your one to one output. SoftPrinter manage them all.


SoftPrinter comes with several integrations from start. For example Printfiles including OMR for automatic enveloping, digital pdf:s, distribution through Kivra, archive-integrations and postage optimizing.


Our unique architecture can manage all your productions, from the easiest to the most large and complex production. This is done by using parameters to control the whole productionprocess.

The capacity is also scalable and can handle millions of document in s short period of time.

General Workflow

With SoftPrinter it is easy to communicate with your customers through their preferred channel.


It is very easy add output from databases to get and import data to SoftPrinter. A database can easily be connected via the import API, SQL-queries or by importing a CSV-file. There is no demands for field naming when importing data to SoftPrinter.


In SoftPrinter you add your templates and merge it to the output data and select channels to be used for the production. SoftPrinter uses templates exported from indesign to merge with the data and output channel. When a production contains a large variety of personalization you can use the script-api to handle different texts to different receivers or create a template mapper program. Before you start the production you can test and check both data and text without any need of other program than your browser. Digital ID, BankID) can be used to gain access to SoftPrinter.


SoftPrinter makes it is easy to communicate with your customers through their preferred channel. When setting up a production you choose one or more channels to be used in the production and when sending information through postage SoftPrinter optimize postage for you. SoftPrinter has also archive capability if you need do archive your information and don’t have an archive solution.

Output Management

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